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We here at Leale Solutions differentiate ourselves by demonstrating our ability to provide clear, concise and effective communications. This is a pillar of strength at Leale Solutions. As contributors to our mutual projects and success, each member of Leale Solutions is an effective communicator. We speak business and technology, people and process.

Communication is defined as the imparting or exchanging of information or news. From our perspective, the key element of this definition is the word ‘exchanging’. Exchanging information or dialogue is critical for clear, concise and effective communications. This involves listening, reiterating documenting and verifying information during dialog. Below we outline our philosophy and communications strategy.

The Information Technology Paradigm

Many of our counterparts in the Information Technology field are continually frustrated because they feel that the messages that they are sending to management aren’t understood. Many of our counterparts in different business roles are continually frustrated because they feel that the message they are sending to IT isn’t being understood. This outlines a key differentiator for Leale Solutions. We speak business and technology, people and process. We speak business vernacular and understand business problems because each one of us at Leale Solutions is a business stakeholder. We also have decades of experience in IT. We have experience in roles ranging from software development and systems administration to project management and CTO. We understand the nuances of IT and can facilitate the translation of the message that is being lost in IT and well as the business units.

Application Development Firm

Knowledge and the Flow of Information

Application Development Firm

Knowledge and information is all around us every day. Our ability to dissect the necessary information and turn this into knowledge through experience is vital to the success of a business. Knowledge is not very useful when limited to a single source. Sharing knowledge is essential to the success of business projects. Sharing knowledge requires effective communication strategies. We here at Leale Solutions have spent years honing our communications strategies and practices. These can manifest themselves in both verbal and written messages. Telephone calls and conferences, video conferencing, in-person meetings and interview are all appropriate and effective ways to support the flow of information. We also feel strongly about the power and effectiveness of written communications. These written communications can come in multiple forms. Electronic mail is a key element as ideas and information can be transferred quickly and seamlessly. However, this is not an ideal medium for large-scale knowledge transfer. In these cases, we feel strongly and have instituted practices to support idea and knowledge transfer on a larger scale. Our strategies and practices for business level and technical documentation ensure continuity between technical and business units all while providing one unwavering version of the truth.

Our Communication Philosophy and How It Is Different

Transparent is defined as allowing light to pass through so that objects behind can be distinctly seen. Our philosophy dictates transparency. This philosophy on communicating clearly, concisely and effectively is rooted in our ability to use whatever medium is appropriate to deliver the right message while using transparent details. Our messages are transparent to team members. In order to facilitate communication, we must trust each other. Trust is formed through saying what we do and doing what we say. Our philosophy and strategy are different because we are technologists and entrepreneurs. We understand the needs and desires on both sides of the coin. We deliver consistent messages downstream to IT and implementation teams and upstream to business stakeholders, translating as necessary to ensure continuity of purpose for all involved. Our industry experience allows us to tackle IT challenges at every “rung on the ladder” while our communication philosophy keeps everyone on the same page.

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