Like our philosophy, ideals and ambitions…our name Leale is unique. An acronym, Leale stands for “Look Eye, Always Look Eye”.

Catch the 1980’s pop culture movie references? The iconic “Karate Kid” offers our favorite teaching moment between Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita) and Daniel (Ralph Macchio) in this decisive, epiphanic scene. Daniel is depleted of all patience and believes Mr. Miyagi is taking advantage of his free labor. Though Daniel doesn’t understand the reasoning behind such disciplinary action, Mr. Miyagi is teaching Daniel that his “Wax On – Wax Off” determination in painting the fence and sanding the floor has meaning. But in time, Daniel learns to defend himself through independent strength because of his hard work. It is a magical cinematic series of frames in which art depicts life’s cherished adage, “our life is a journey, not a destination”.




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“Our life is a journey, not a destination” is a founding principle of Leale. We are intent on being the best. We promise to never become complacent and will always drive to learn, grow and improve.

The pivotal scene continues with Daniel looking away as he bows to Mr. Miyagi, who playfully smacks Daniel alongside his side while offering two memorable lines: “Look eye, always look eye,” and “come back tomorrow”

Looking someone in the eye may sound like a simple task but our experiences teach us that not many can accomplish this act of respect for oneself and others. Taking pride in yourself, your work and your accomplishments while remaining open to new experiences and assimilating new lessons learned is not something everyone can do. Many find themselves vulnerable in uncomfortable territory. But we excel with these principles through challenging experiences, hard work and adaptation. Respect for oneself and respect for others is of utmost importance.

“Come back tomorrow” reminds us that no matter what, the sun will rise tomorrow. New experiences, lessons, and advancements will translate into promising opportunities. Returning tomorrow feeling recharged and prepared to work hard, exceed expectations and improve are at the heart of the philosophy of Leale Solutions. Through hard work, integrity and vision, we embrace every situation as an opportunity to improve ourselves, our clients and in turn those experiences of their clientele.

Leale Solutions founders and every team member since have ingrained the Karate Kid’s lessons of “Look Eye, Always Look Eye” and “Come Back Tomorrow” into their daily thoughts and conduct in their personal and professional lives.

Come back tomorrow, and we will show you what we have learned and how we can further enhance the best you.

Why Leale Solutions?

We interpret, understand, utilize and teach technology. We love data. As business owners, we understand your daily challenges, know technology can be intimidating, and realize the path toward integrating the two can seem daunting. Interested?