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SharePoint 2013 – Create Filter for a View Based on an Approval Process Status

Recently I came across a need to filter a list view based on the results of an approval process workflow. I wanted to create a default view where only approved items were shown, then another view showing rejected items.

When you create a list and add an approval process to it, another column is added to the list by SharePoint, named the same as the workflow. Although when you view the list, it will show Approved, Cancelled or Rejected, you cannot filter by these values. This is because SharePoint is actually using a lookup for this. The real value is actually an Integer.

After some digging around, I found what I needed, which was, what the mappings are from integer to value.

Rejected = 17
Approved = 16
Cancelled = 15

So, with this in mind, I was able to modify my default view to only show the status that I indicated.

I used the Filter functionality in the column settings to only show where the column referring to the approval process is equal to 16. This means that only items that are ‘Approved’ will be displayed.

Another view was created that only showed items where the column did not equal 16, this represents all unapproved items.

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