Legacy Application Modernization
Legacy Application Modernization

Legacy Application Modernization

Migration away from legacy solutions with Legacy Application Modernization.

Is that old app killing you? You know the one I mean…. The program at work that is slow, doesn’t quite handle the business process quite right.

  • Is it software that makes you perform manual steps?

This is a sign of poor workflow creation. Usually, this is because many people have their own vision of what a program is to do. We consolidate these different options into a single efficient process.

  • Do you have to print often?

This is a sign of inefficiency. There are still reasons to print but not very many good ones. We can help give you and the trees a break. Plus, it’ll save you some coin on the cost of paper.

  • Do you have to manually scan?

This is the sign of an outdated program or application. Scanning technology built into programs and integrated within a solution is not new. We can streamline these processes to make the programs and applications work for you not make you work for them. If you are manually scanning a lot, you know it takes time. And time is money. We can help save you both.

  • Do you have to copy and paste data around different screens?

This is called data duplication. It is very dangerous. What if you pasted wrong? What if your paste did not quite make it? This leads to data corruption. This is the sign of multiple scattered databases. We LOVE data and can build systems that show miserable old data the respect it deserves.  

  • Do you have to copy or export to excel for reports?

Excel is a powerful tool but it is limited and the data can always be changed, leading to questions about its integrity. We can help build solutions that report in formats that do not change like PDF.  

  • Do you have to export, save locally and then email to clients?

Sharing data and reports is required by all modern programs. This is a sign that your application or program is not up to speed with how business has changed. We can give you the ability to share files with your clients via a secure portal with no silly data limits. We can help you enable your client base to self-serve their own data, saving you time and money.

  • Do you ever find yourself reading from one screen and typing into another?

Legacy Application ModernizationOuch! Manual data duplication! This show inefficiency and risk of data corruption. This is so very time-consuming. We are human, we make mistakes. We can consolidate and cross-reference your data sources to speed up your workforce. Talk with us and we can design a solution to make technology work for you and your business efficiency today.

Does your old program just stink? It doesn’t have to. Do you think it is time for an upgrade? Come out of the stone ages..

Every business is different and has unique challenges. We run a mix of solutions. Some solutions require custom software to be written for their unique business rules. Some solutions can be done with WordPress and google docs. Let’s have a chat and we can discuss your business technology problems and get you moving in the right direction fast.

Talk to us about your business challenges and together we can find a solution that fits your needs and budget.

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