Objective Insight

Leale Solutions is your trusted partner for improved process performance. The first step is a business process audit and assessment. Allow us to look at, listen to and document how your business processes work. We have helped dozens of businesses operate more efficiently. This allows us to objectively make recommendations on how technology can benefit your business through improved process efficiency. In working with many companies on improved process we have learned both ‘how to’ and equally importantly ‘how not to’. We invite you to leverage our knowledge and experience to increase productivity.

As a member of the Microsoft Partner Network we can provide detailed roadmaps to achieving greater performance and efficiency with Microsoft technologies. We are also well versed in open source technologies that can result in positive results for you and your business. We have the experience to offer valuable and objective insight into areas we know can positively impact your business.

Information Technology Audit

Documentation of Business Processes

Our first step in a process audit is documenting how your business processes currently runs. Most often we find that this is the step that is most overlooked. Documentation is a critical first step. Oftentimes this immediately results in many immediate ‘quick wins’ as documenting these processes brings some instant revelations to light. We find that just discussing and having a visual representation through the use of flowcharts shines the light on wasteful steps and duplication of effort. By documenting this process many solutions that are not of a technological nature can arise. This often helps business users identify areas that can be manually fixed with little or even less effort that currently utilized. In some instances, a technology solution may not make financial sense. However, through documentation, the areas that can be made more efficient stand out. Like any road that we navigate we need a roadmap to help navigate. The step to document your business processes identifies the origination point of our voyage.

Information Technology Audit

Documentation of Desired Process Improvements through Technology

IT Audit

Our next step is identifying the ‘hot spot’ areas and processes that we feel can be significantly improved through technology. Again, this is a documented process. Consider this a document outlining an ‘ideal’ state. While there can be compromises based on level of need, cost, time to market and efficiency rating, this is our destination. Our business process experience has been honed through dozens of implementation of technology. Our proven results are driven by our pursuit to make businesses more efficient. As outlined in step one, we needed a starting point. Consider this step as documentation of our destination. By starting with current state and now documenting ‘where we want to go’ we have identified both current and desired state. Our job as your solutions provider of choice is to evaluate the issues and hurdles between current and ideal state, and then getting you there.

Roadmap and Implementation

Our process is very scientific. By identifying and documenting current and ideal state, we then build a plan to get you there.

This plan is our project roadmap. We identify and document any and all gaps that we need to fill. We identify and document any roadblocks that we need to jump over, go around, dig under or simply bulldoze through. Our relentless pursuit of solution implementation is born here. We build a roadmap that identifies each and every step necessary to build a solution to streamline the business processes that require efficiency upgrades. These can be automated processes, document management, custom workflows, automated calculations, notifications upon events, reporting and report delivery and automated calculators to name a few. Our recommended solutions may range from reporting solutions to Microsoft SharePoint installations to custom written Microsoft .Net solutions.

Information Technology Audit

By documenting where we are, where we want to go and a detailed roadmap of how to get from origin to destination, we have the execution plan.

We have the tried and true experience to drive value to your business through process efficiency and technology innovation. Our process audit techniques have stood the test of time. Our experience allows us to quickly cut through the red tape and get to what matters most, helping you get the most from the resources you pour into your business.

Why Leale Solutions?

Leale Solutions can help you make a lasting impression with a professional web experience designed and built specifically for your business and your customers. We work intimately with our clients to plan, create and build custom websites on the latest technologies that exceed expectations.