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Many established businesses are still being run on an old IT infrastructure. It’s fragmented, slow, and outdated. Business software development vendors in South Florida cities are helping to keep companies operating successfully in the modern and technologically advanced digital age we now find ourselves in.

In major South Florida metropolitan areas like Miami and Fort Lauderdale, a huge influx of talented, yet inexperienced developers are attempting to enter into the professional field. In fact, software development companies, in general, are becoming one of the most popular career choices for many recent college graduates.

With so many different software development vendors to choose from, how does anyone choose the best software development company for their business? Simply put, there is no answer that will ever fulfill everyone’s requirements

However, there are a few fairly simple, universal guidelines every interested party can easily follow. These steps should help narrow down the choices and make the task of selecting the best software development company for you more efficient.

Understand the length of the development process.

The process of custom software development takes time, often multiple years This leads to a prolonged period of necessary collaboration between the business IT team and the app development team.

A person looking for software development vendors should keep this in mind from the very first moment they begin communicating with a potential company. If communication issues arise before the development process begins, it’s easy to presume they won’t get easier once things become technical.

Choose a development company with a size relative to the business.

A local business does not need to hire a major software development firm – it’s both fiscally irresponsible and unnecessary. The size of the business and app development team should be relatively similar.

Discuss what sort of resources the team will be able to allocate to your project to get a better understanding of how much they can handle. This will be necessary during the implementation process and for team collaboration with the business IT department.

  • Note: Keep in mind that not all software development vendors in South Florida are 100% in Florida cities (or even fully US-based developers). Outsourcing work to offshore developers is common practice in this industry and helps to keep the overall cost of development lower.

Transparent progress reporting is a necessity.

Development using the Scrum-based framework is a simple way to view how the project progresses and is the default choice used by most business software development companies. It enables all parties to closely collaborate and makes it easy to track each stage of the process.

If you stumble across cheap software development vendors that refuse access to transparent progress reporting, it’s best to keep looking. More often than not, developers that refuse to cooperate in this manner will cause disastrous damage to your business and cost you much more money in the long run.

  • Note: Remember to ask about source code ownership!

Contact the developers at Leale Solutions to discuss more ways about how your company can benefit from custom business software applications.

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Software Development Vendors

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