Enterprise Development

Leale Solutions provides the bridge from real-world business problems to value-driven software solutions. Our team’s combined experience has produced enterprise software solutions to the financial, insurance, technology, communications, healthcare, hospitality, recreational industries and beyond.

Enterprise software applications are developed to meet the unique needs of your organization. Customers demand powerful solutions delivered via intuitive user-friendly interfaces. New functionality must be developed rapidly and integrated seamlessly without regression across multiple distributed applications. Access is available across a variety of devices including pcs, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Enterprise Software Development Company

Enterprise software often presents unique challenges in scope, complexity, high availability, scalability, maintenance, security, and performance.

Fortunately Microsoft .NET provides the framework and toolset to rapidly develop, manage, and test enterprise software solutions. Leale Solutions has developed a wide array of enterprise solutions. From web applications, windows forms, windows services, service oriented applications, mobile applications, real-time data feeds, to distributed systems. Recent examples of our .NET Enterprise software solutions include:

  • Financial Trading & Reporting Platforms.
  • Medical Insurance Management Portal.
  • Extensible Cloud Based CRM with Integration to third party Email Marketing provider.
  • Real time feeds to financial data providers including Bloomberg, Standard & Poors and ECNs.
  • Retail Request Management and Revenue Generation Platform.
  • Custom Document Management Solution.
  • Legacy System Integration with .NET Foundation to forklift functionality by workflow.

Our team has conviction in our adoption of best practices.

These are industry proven norms and guidelines which facilitate a successful software solution. Our .NET solutions are consistently implemented using our proprietary base framework. This proprietary framework provides the base architecture and feature set to expedite and facilitate the development of Leale’s software solutions using Microsoft’s preferred framework for enterprise software solutions. It is constructed within a tiered architecture which provides a logical and physical separation of concerns. This facilitates the scalability, portability, and extensibility of the application. In addition, the application will be more robust because of the ability to isolate logic in small testable components. This also reduces maintenance costs and facilitates future migration to other solutions, platforms or implementations.

Leale Solutions is your premier partner of choice for enterprise-class Microsoft.Net solutions. Our key differentiator is our team. Our experience designing and building solutions shine through in each of our implementations because of our enterprise software project recipe for success.

Software projects often demand a solid understanding of the business needs, technical competency and people that have repeatedly produced results. The choice of an unproven development team often leads to unexpected costs, additional technology debt, reputational damage, strained business relationships and lost opportunities. Choose wisely.

A project stands no chance of being completed on time or on budget without a proven and disciplined process. This iterative software development process minimizes risk which is absolutely critical for project success. From requirements gathering, technical specs, construction, to acceptance testing, the steps of the process are the guard rails to ensure client expectations are met or exceeded.

Consistent, clear and objective communication must take place at all levels of the project to ensure success. Effective communication allows for problems to be solved with minimal interruption to the project plan. It must be communicated to pertinent team members quickly, so it can be resolved in the shortest time possible. Project managers and customers must be continuously engaged to proactively manage expectations, progress and changes in the project plan. For projects with poor communication, it’s only at implementation time that the customer and project team become fully aware that they did not have the same solution in mind. This is not acceptable.

Larger projects can often lead to larger teams with increased communication and management overhead. Without the appropriate resource and process planning, the team may be working in an increasingly inefficient environment. This leads to higher costs, greater risk and a frustrated customer and team. It’s essential that the project is broken down into small teams that are autonomous. This requires appropriate planning from experienced project managers.

Customers will hold the project team accountable for delivering a desired software solution within the predetermined time and cost. To ensure project expectations are met, accountability does not end there. It must continue to all team members throughout the entire life cycle of the project. This is managed through the appropriate process, transparency, and communication.

Scenarios, environments, challenges, and people all change. Change is our only true constant. A process, technology or solution which worked previously may now have a better option. Remaining value driven and objective is a core value. These are fundamentals which prevent complacency and breed ingenuity. We should all be continuously challenging ourselves to provide the greatest value to the customer and the project.