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First impressions matter. Your website is a storefront to the world, accessible at any time across numerous demographics and cultures. The world is now a smaller place. Today’s users are more sophisticated, intelligent, tech-savvy, and critical than ever. How do you establish a personal connection with your audience? Does your storefront engage the visitor, leave a lasting impression, and drive sales to your business? How well does your website accurately tell your corporate story?

Much like all of our engagements, we here at Leale Solutions begin the process by learning about you, your corporate identity, and your vision. Our creative team’s goal is to align your corporate ideals with an appropriate design. The better we are able to identify with our clients, the better the end product can be.

Creative Web Design Is a True Art Form.

Technology inspires the art, while the art challenges the technology. Websites were initially two dimensional static pages, highly dependent on text to relay your message. However technology does not stand still. This has led to the rapid evolution of tools and techniques which are used in today’s best websites. The release of HTML5 has provided a new platform and standard to develop the next generation of websites. Development frameworks like JQuery and YUI further enhance the capabilities for a rich feature set. The appropriate integration of rich media, video, pod casts, animation, strategic organization of content, real time chat, surveys, blogs, augmented reality, photography, graphic design, and social media can transform a website into a unique and memorable experience.

A website which cannot render a page accurately will immediately turn the user away. Today’s websites must handle visitors from more unique devices than ever. Tablets, smart phones, black berries, pcs, laptops and even appliances are now consuming websites. These devices can vary greatly in expected page resolution and browser versions. Your website must be designed in a way to support all of these unique browsers and environments. It must also be well positioned to handle the devices of the future. Our team has extensive experience in building cost effective adaptive and responsive designs. We are ready to tackle the next generation of browsers, devices, and users.

Where to find app developers

Creative Web Design Is a True Art Form.

Knowledge is power. Do you know how well your website is working? Where are you losing visitors? How many visitors are you receiving each day? Are there more visitors this month after the recently implemented marketing campaign? Where are my users coming from? Website analytics can provide powerful insight to user behavior. Pair this with online surveys and live user feedback and you can intelligently identify what is working, what areas can be improved, and what your customers really want and think.

As a full service software solutions provider, we can take your website experience further.

With a CMS (content management system), you’ll be able to login to your website and make changes from any internet enabled device without any technical knowledge. The most powerful solutions are not only aligned with the business needs, but are fully integrated with all aspects of the enterprise. From real time inventory distribution, integration with a CRM system, retrieval of financial data in real time, to a fully integrated enterprise solution, we can solve the unique challenges of your business.

Why Leale Solutions?

Leale Solutions can help you make a lasting impression with a professional web experience designed and built specifically for your business and your customers. We work intimately with our clients to plan, create and build custom websites on the latest technologies that exceed expectations.