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The application of the concepts of mathematics to software development, database development, and business intelligence is indispensable for the production of world-class solutions.

It can provide processing efficiency, extensibility, and reusability in its more simple forms, but it can also facilitate failure-avoidance, intelligent pre-caching of assets, or appropriate resource allocation according to predicted volume with the use of predictive modeling and related techniques.

A Mathematical Understanding of Algorithms

A mathematical understanding of algorithms can lead to vastly superior code from the recognition of inefficiencies, such as linear searches, unnecessary function call repetition, recalculation, and redundant logical conditionals.

The use of function approximation techniques can drastically reduce processing requirements, and therefore resource drain, in many instances where exponential, trigonometric, or other process intensive functions are invoked. Frequently calculations are performed with far greater accuracy than required for the implementation, so the ability to approximate, and measure the error of the approximation, can greatly enhance processing efficiency.

The use of generalization and abstraction can lead to data structures and algorithms that can be extended and reused in many different contexts. Some examples are multipurpose data structures, generalized parsing processes, and code-generating algorithms.

Predictive models can be developed that detect the likelihood that a transaction is fraudulent, anticipate what data or other resources will be requested next, or predict website or call center volume for a future time interval. This type of development can increase operational efficiency by directing the appropriate utilization of resources, and it can help prevent negative outcomes by predicting where they are likely to occur.

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