Parameterized Reporting

Parameterized Reporting: Accurate, Repeatable, Accessible and Meaningful

Leale Solutions’s Reporting Philosophy: Making Complicated Simple

Leale Solutions Solution’s Reporting philosophy involves making the complicated data reporting simple. Data analytics can be skewed, misconstrued and misunderstood. We help you organize, review and analyze your most important business metrics through a powerful framework of tools and reporting philosophies.

Leale Solutions Reporting Philosophy and standards dictate that your reports are:

Accurate: Accuracy is the prerequisite, as your key stakeholders demand facts. arrow

Repeatable: Repeatability is key as the ability to get accurate results over and over again is an absolute must for all of our implementations. arrow

Accessible: Accessibility is a necessity so decision makers and stakeholders have the ability to review reports and make critical, informed decisions on demand. arrow

Meaningful: Leale Solution’s reporting philosophy delivers more than just raw data scattered across a page. Our reports help provide meaningful insight into your business data and highlight the area’s most critical to you and your stakeholders.

Our solutions also support rich front-end reporting such as charts, graphs, KPIs, gauges and dashboards. Your stakeholders are empowered with quick-click drill-down access to detailed data, which can be easily exported to easy-reporting formats such as Excel, .csv, text and PDF.

Leale Solutions has also authored a powerful feature: Parameterized Reporting. Not simply a filtering feature, our Parameterized Reporting is an implementation, which allows the report user to input parameters to change the scale against which the report data is being measured. This powerful implementation allows for deeper insight into your data and for comparisons of the same data against different business conditions; facilitating insight and forecasting.

Above all, our decades of experience at Leale Solutions has taught us that the most important part of this equation is you and your business data.