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Several CIOs are hesitant to embrace the new technology seemingly known as the “cloud”. The reason is simple enough; they have a governing problem with the cloud solution providers. Its’ believed in many cases that cloud solution partners are unable to offer levels of governance those enterprises level companies’ need to maintain control in the cloud.

CIO’s that consider heading towards cloud computing technology want it all. They want speed, nimbleness and economic benefits offered by all cloud computing partners. With that said they also want enterprise class controls for existing applications and workloads. Some of these controls include overall quality service, operation transparency, monitoring of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), enterprise quality security and full governance.

Of course these controls aren’t new to IT, but surely they are to the cloud computing world. As more CIOs move critical application components and core key functions to the cloud, they would like to remain leveraging these controls. The problem is, CIOs are right to be reluctant when it comes to the cloud. Not all cloud providers can offer these controls at enterprise levels, but fortunately some can and when they do, they help create a cloud environment that any CIO should be happy to embrace.

Leale Solutions believes in five essential umbrella components for any enterprise cloud implementation outlining the business first approach, security, enterprise support, scalability,  and governance. When these five must have key cloud components are in place, any enterprise level organization can truly embrace the cloud’s biggest benefits.

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