Meaningful Data Analytics

Leale Solutions’s passion for data analytics is deeply rooted in our drive to deliver business results that are meaningful to you.

Evaluation of the current trend of given values compared to a set of goals. The trend enables the business user to quickly determine whether the value is becoming better or worse relative to the goal. For quick analysis, Leale Solutions uses color-coded visual markers to indicate the trend.

Allows your business to determine relationships among several ‘internal’ factors such as price, product positioning, or staff skills, and ‘external’ factors such as economic indicators, competition, and customer demographics. Your stakeholders can then determine the impact on sales, customer satisfaction, and profits or losses. Finally, data mining enables deep drill-down for detailed transactional data mapping and transparency.

Allows you to identify patterns and predict future outcomes or trends. Statistical model of future behavior, which is related to data mining. Leale Solutions’s Predictive Model is made up of a number of predictors, which are variables and factors that are likely to influence outcomes. The model may employ a simple linear equation or a complex neural network depending on needs, data, timing and other factors… all of which are explained in a manner easy to understand and retain.

Cubes, Measure, Dimension & Facts

Cubes:Set of related measures and dimensions used to analyze data. Using Microsoft SSAS, cubes are developed based on tables and views that are modeled in a data source view.

Facts:A transactional value or measurement, often aggregated in a cube across dimensions and based on the dimension hierarchies.

Measure:A fact, which is a transactional value or measurement, these are commonly aggregated. Usually derived or sourced from columns in one or more source tables; grouped into ‘measure groups’.

Dimension:Group of attributes that represent data interest areas related to the measures. Used to analyze the measures in the cube. Attributes are sourced from columns in one or more source tables. The attributes within each dimension can be organized into hierarchies to provide paths or drill-downs for analysis. Cubes are then augmented with calculations, key performance indicators (KPIs), actions, partitions, perspectives, and translations.

SMART Methodology

Leale Solutions’s philosophy on data warehousing is SMART. Our methodology is tenacious, and our philosophy includes the elements of being:

Our data warehousing philosophy is straight forward. We as a company and fellow stakeholder are straight forward. This is really two-fold. First, we shoot it straight. We are honest about the tasks that need to be accomplished. We are transparent about what we can and cannot use from your enterprise data. We will provide a straight forward assessment of our findings. Second, we are forward. We here at Leale Solutions are forward-looking and thinking. We are most interested in defining your requirements and making those a reality. The rearview mirror is important because it shows where we came from but it is very small in comparison to the size of the windshield.

Our data warehousing philosophy is rooted in the goal of measurement. Measurement is much different than reporting. Reporting is the first step but generally stops there. Measuring is the act of comparing values to inputs. This comparison is at the root of analytics.

Accuracy is at the base of all of our reporting and measuring activities. If the data is not accurate the results based on that data will not be accurate. Our goal is to provide the most accurate data, reporting and measurements possible. We have enough industry experience to know that in some cases, data accuracy can never be 100%. In these instances we provide a confidence number as well. This confidence value is an indicator highlighting our confidence of the underlying data. Again, our goal is to provide the most accurate data, reporting and measurements possible. When this is not possible, the data can still be extremely valuable and we will provide solutions.

The data warehousing philosophy we employ is analytical. We use a philosophy that breaks complex concepts into basic components for ease of use and understanding. We understand that your data can be complicated. We here at Leale Solutions also have the experience to know how to handle complicated data and data systems. As the old riddle goes, ‘How do you eat an elephant?’ The answer of course is one bite at a time. I’m certainly not condoning eating elephants. In fact, we have no elephant eating experience. However, the premise hits extremely close to the point we are trying to make. The detailed breakdown of complicated concepts into basic elements is the definition of analysis. Our analytical philosophy is born of this. Once we break out the concepts we can readily create solutions to make sense of your data.

The data warehousing philosophy we employ is actionable. Our philosophy dictates that we have purpose in our actions. We provide analytics that your business can use to take action. We provide deep insight into opportunities that are beneficial for your business. These include opportunities that were not previously realized, deep cost savings and new options for business potential. Deep insight into the data your business captures can provide your business with more opportunities, some known, and perhaps some unknown.

Reliability is a prerequisite of our philosophy. Reliability is extended to both the reports and display of data and the platforms and tools that we employ to deliver and display these reports. Reporting and analytics need to be reliable. These items need to be available at all times with no intervention of staff or manual steps. Our solutions do not require waiting on the ‘database guy’ to run some behind the curtain magic. We have combined decades of experience with the platform that runs our SSAS implementations. Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) is rock solid and reliable. Our experiences of tuning and honing our craft will keep it that way.

Repeatability is a foundation level requirement in our philosophy. The ability to run reports and get accurate results must happen over and over again. Results that do not change over time is paramount. Again, these items need to be available at all times with no intervention of staff or manual steps. Our solutions do not require waiting on the ‘database guy’ to run some behind the curtain magic. These are repeatable when you need them, every time.

Our philosophy dictates that we provide your business with timely solutions. This includes business intelligence solutions that provide you with insight and solutions before you ask for them. What is better than on time? Early. What is better than early? Before you even ask. How can we deliver solutions before you might ask? The answer is rooted in data mining and analysis. In most environments, data mining is an extremely powerful tool that allows business users to gain deep insight into their own data to find trends, markers and key elements that create the justifications for changes and adaptations to allow your business to attack new opportunities and even sharpen the approach to opportunities in which you are already engaged.

Key Tools: SSRS, Power Query, Map, Pivot, View

Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is used to display important information. We utilize this suite of tools to create reports that contain gauges, charts, drill downs, drill through and line item reports, which are all interactive. You can read more about our Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) work here.

Excel Pivot Tables is used to summarize, analyze, explore and display cube data. While very effective, display capabilities in Excel Pivot Tables are limited.

Microsoft’s Power BI for Office 365 is cloud-based business intelligence (BI) solution. Power BI launches from within Excel and Office 365 to analyze and visualize data in a ‘self-service’ way. This tool is designed to help business users gain deep insight. Features include:

  • Power Query: Enables business stakeholders to easily search and access public data and the enterprise data, all within Excel.
  • Power Map: A 3D data visualization tool for mapping and interacting with geographic and temporal data.
  • Power Pivot: For creating and customizing flexible data models within Excel.
  • Power View: For creating interactive charts, graphs and other visual representations of data.

Final Thought

Our passion for analytics is brought to life through Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS). We use creative processes, powerful tools, innovative designs and good old-fashioned hard work to create solutions that drive deep insight into your corporate data.

Our goal is to use this technology to put this data in the hands of your key business decision makers and stakeholders.

These tools enable confident and informed decision making. As a member of the Microsoft partner network and you experienced Business Intelligence partner, we have the experience and the experience with the right tools to bring the highest quality results to you and your business.

Using the Right Tools To Do the Best Job

Leale Solutions’s primary tools are used for the all-important reporting and visualization of your business data, and include:

  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS): interactive suite of tools to create reports containing gauges, charts, drill downs, drill through and line item reports.
  • Excel Pivot Tables: for summary, analysis, exploration and display of cube data.
  • Microsoft’s PowerBI for Office 365: launches within Excel and Office 365 to analyze and visualize data in a self-service manner. This tool affords business owners with deep insight.