Application Development Services

Have Custom Web Applications? To perform optimally they will require Maintenance, Enhancements, and Modernization periodically.

Custom Web Application Development Services Involves Three Key Components:

Our developers work directly with you to find the most efficient transition path for aligning your technology with newer platforms and practices. Leale Solutions combines our technical expertise with our professional experience to deliver successful custom web application development services. 

We have extensive knowledge when it comes to Databases. Business Apps that utilize SQL are our Forte. Databases need to be finely tuned like a high-performance car. Our ongoing maintenance plans will keep your information flowing at the highest rate allowable.  In most cases, company owners and upper management may or may not know what are the best practices for Custom Business Application Development. We create Custom Business Software that is modern and more efficient than outdated systems. Let us help you maintain any of your custom web solutions.


Maintenance Service keeps your existing custom business application running to support your daily operations. Web application maintenance service can also cover changing software components or technology systems for improved performance and fault correction. Adapting an outdated technology into an upgraded system helps fully realize your custom software and business applications. Leale maintenance services will preserve the value of your existing business applications.

Emergency maintenance and support keeps your system operational after a sudden, unforeseen, or unscheduled problem occurs. (Bug Fixing, Data Cleansing, Reporting and all up keep)

  • Corrective Maintenance: Immediate corrections to your applications performed immediately after a faulty software delivery.
  • Perfective Maintenance: Changing and improving current software systems to boost overall performance. (Ex. Application update to provide an important new feature.)
  • Adaptive Maintenance: Altering an application after delivery to keep it fully functional with other technology updates and upgrades. (Ex. Updating software with a firmware update to run seamlessly on new operating systems.)


Web and business application development services can entail developing new features to accomplish tasks previously unavailable. Make your system more user-friendly and improve the overall end-user experience.

  • New features to support compliance/audit
  • Change workflow to improve efficiency
  • Improve UI
  • Enhance Reporting
  • System Integrations

If you answer yes to any of these questions your web and custom business applications might need to be enhanced.

  1. Do you have programs that are slow and don’t handle processes efficiently?
  2. Do you have software that makes you perform manual steps?
  3. Do you have to print often?
  4. Do you have to manually scan?
  5. Do you have to copy and paste data around different screens?
  6. Do you have to copy or export to excel for reports?
  7. Do you have to export, save locally and then email to clients?
  8. Do you ever find yourself reading from one screen and typing into another?

Call today to find out how we can enhance your web applications and custom business software solutions. Reliable and trustworthy results that will garner much more out of your existing IT systems during the long haul while lowering your costs and disruptions.

Custom Application Support


Custom Business Software and Web Application Development modernization allows you to reduce your need for program maintenance and escape the cycle of patching and adapting aging code. Eliminate the risk of maintaining current applications that use old and outdated technologies.

The 3 top reasons to modernize your business application. 

  • Need to move to the cloud
  • Improve Security
  • Existing Business Software is no longer supported (OS or 3rd party dependency leaves you no other options).

Every application reaches an end of life… we can help determine if you are at end of life and develop the roadmap, develop the new system, and implement the appropriate cutover strategy.

Our focus is to make your web applications agiler and resourceful with the use of business intelligence automation, industrialized assets, specialized skills and global delivery abilities. Our Application Modernization methods will tomorrow proof all of your pre-existing IT systems while substantially lowering operating costs while maintaining effortless operations. Modernization services will streamline your legacy systems to enhance flexibility, mitigate risk, minimize disruption, and lower your costs. Call today and learn more about how our established development team can help with delivering encouraging results immediately. We offer knowledeable perspectives on newer, more cost-efficient ways to host your applications and platforms.

Application Development Services