SharePoint Planning and Evaluation

Planning, evaluating and answering critical questions before is critical to the success of your SharePoint installation.

Determining which options are best for your business can be a confusing endeavor. Licensing options, server variations, whether or not to go with a cloud hosted solution are all options that have pros and cons. Which is right for you? We can find that answer together but we need to ask and answer a series of questions to get there. Having been down this road dozens of times, we know the right questions to ask. We let your answers lead us to the right solution. So let's start planning.

Planning and Pre-Deployment Procedures

SharePoint Planning and Evaluation

Planning your SharePoint instance is a key first step in the chain of events that help avoid costly and painful mistakes downstream in your SharePoint journey. Answering the questions such as how many concurrent users do we need to support, do we require a high availability solution, do we need to support external users, do we need to support remote users, does a cloud solution meet our needs and do we need to migrate from a previous version help to get our SharePoint installation or project plan started. Next we need to identify and plan how you want to use SharePoint. Yes, this starts now. Identifying what solutions we will tackle first goes a long way to help us plan for the capacity needs of the SharePoint instance. Identifying and planning for the first few process improvement or automations is a great way to bring the capacity and availability solutions into focus.

On Premise vs Cloud vs Hybrid Solutions

As highlighted above, we need to answer the questions of high availability and possible cloud hosted SharePoint instances. We have experience with 3 major configurations. These include on premise, cloud hosted and a hybrid of the two solutions. We are experienced professionals developing, road mapping, implementing and maintaining highly available SharePoint configurations. Whether this involves multiple web servers, highly available databases, multiple application servers, or all of the above, we have the experience to build and implement the right plan for your needs. We are also experienced developing Microsoft SharePoint solutions with Office 365 as well as hybrid that utilize features of Office 365 high availability and the rich user experience of the On-Premises version. Our experiences with SharePoint have taught us important lessons in capacity planning before implementation. Capacity planning for SharePoint is vital to avoid costly and painful growing pains in the future.

Final Thought

Leale Solutions team

We continuously challenge ourselves. SharePoint continuously challenges us too. We regularly find ourselves on the cutting and bleeding edges of this tremendously powerful software platform. Our desire to push the envelope on possibilities that drive value to your businesses bottom line and our genuine love affair with Microsoft SharePoint are key differentiators for Leale Solutions.

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