SharePoint: Middle Tier Development

Efficient data sharing is enabled when the solutions are easy to master quickly but keep the users engaged long term.

Making the complicated seem simple is our goal when sharing knowledge. We help enable Microsoft SharePoint accomplish this goal with intuitive forms, custom workflows, document and data versioning, approval processes, altering and notifications. We make business processes repeatable and dependable. We also make it look like it is yours and not so "SharePoint looking" through extensive customization and branding. We have honed techniques and tools to enable the rich media look and feel of the web right in your SharePoint environment. The use of Java script, JQuery, image sliders and embedded rich media all bring the web to your SharePoint implementation. The above mentioned solutions are part of our middle tier development services offerings. We break SharePoint middle tier development services into the following service categories:

  • Document management
  • Collaboration and Process Simplification
  • Workflows with SharePoint Designer
  • Mental Migration from manual to automated
  • Process improvement (that same ones we planned for in your step 1 planning and pre-deployment procedures)

Document Management

Leale Solutions Middle Tier Development

SharePoint document management is a powerful feature that enables users to design, build libraries, store and retrieve documents in an easy and intuitive way. Advanced searching capabilities make using the SharePoint platform the first choice for these operations. As a member of the Microsoft partner Network, we here at Leale Solutions know that this type of document management is only the tip of the iceberg compared to the full business functions that can be achieved. We offer services that allow you to extend the capabilities of document management. These extensions can be as simple as altering a group of users when new items are entered or as complicated as full-fledged automation of document processing with minimal intervention. Other extensions include document routing and approval processes based on document specific attributes. We are your preferred partner for these types of implementation because we have the experience to get these implementations done quickly and accurately. With Leale Solutions as your trusted partner, its document management X 10! We also know feature of SharePoint that save the day. We will implement these features to enable business continuity. A great example of one of these features is versioning. By enabling versioning we ensure that previous versions of documents and any custom attributes associated to these documents are save in the version before they are overwritten. When mistakes happen, and we all know this happens, with a few simple steps we can restore your individual piece of data to the way it was before the mistake happened. We can enable this right down to the individual line item level. We enable not just saving time, but also piece of mind.

Collaboration and Process Simplification

Communication and collaboration is a key element to the success of any project. SharePoint implementations are no exception. Collaboration with stake holders, decision makers and end users are equally important. We can discuss with decision makers about how SharePoint can simplify processes and automate task but it is the end users that will often explain the business rules and day to day operations. Our experience with SharePoint teaches us that we can often employ this technology suite to simplify many business processes. When looking at business processes through a different paradigm we can often see unnecessary complications, redundant steps and areas of significantly improved efficiency. Leveraging SharePoint implementation apps and widgets like lists, document libraries, views and wikis we will quickly and accurately identify areas of process improvement ready to be solved. Through collaboration with your team, we can help identify ways to solve these business challenges right away. We will offer 'quick win' solutions that can show the value of a SharePoint implementation right away. We can concurrently tackle large scale workflow challenges in efficient and intuitive ways. Often we employ a phased implementation to larger challenges. This allows us to get a solution in place to ease the resource burdens that may exist while we formulate and design world class SharePoint solutions to simplify business processes and lessen the workload of you and your team.

Mental Migration from Manual to Automated

As a member of the Microsoft Partner Network and an experienced SharePoint solutions provider, we tackle the big hurdles first. Many times we find that the paradigm of the staff is the first area to attack. Often we find a collection of talented individuals that want to do more, be more efficient and get more accomplished but they lack the understanding of what is possible with a management tool such as SharePoint. We roll up our sleeves and get to work asking questions about what steps are employed to get tasks accomplished. We follow up our questions with answers and suggestions about how this powerful platform can be put to use today to help accomplish these tasks more efficiently. Our primary set of questions generally revolves around the current set of manual tasks. How is this task performed manually? Why is it done manually? Then it is our responsibility to make suggestions and build implementation to automate these manual processes wherever possible. There reaches a point in almost every project where we can see the paradigm shift. The attitude and resolve of 'we've always done it this way' gives way to 'what if we put that in SharePoint'. The mindset shift is extraordinary to watch and exciting to be a part of. Put us to work and we can help facilitate the mental migration from manual to automated with a quality SharePoint implementation.

Workflows with SharePoint Designer

Efficient data sharing

A stellar example of how we facilitate the mental migration from manual to automated is through workflows with SharePoint Designer. SharePoint designer is a tool in our belt that we employ to create custom workflows for your business processes. Our experienced SharePoint development team will implement creative workflows to automate tasks and processes. We do this through SharePoint views, lists, document libraries, versioning, approval processes, permission models notifications, alerting and custom solutions using Microsoft .net custom web parts. Using SharePoint designer allows us to create these workflows which guarantee your process will run effectively, efficiently and identically every time. That's right, the same way every time. Consistency is a significant hurdle with manual processes and workflows. Utilizing SharePoint workflows eliminates the concern of inconsistency because there is not negotiating with an application. Our experienced SharePoint development team knows that there are exceptions to process each and every day. We anticipate this and allow for workflow items to be paused in steps of the workflow. Don't worry, these don't get lost. We utilize email notification and alerting to the proper team members when this happens. We have the experience to anticipate this and have solutions ready so that nothing falls through the cracks.

Process Improvement

As a dedicated step in our discovery process when planning SharePoint implementations, we plan for areas where we can improve and automate manual processes. This fully intended to come full circle. This is where the rubber meets the road. As outlined in our changing mentality section above, our full intention, drive and goals are centered around improving process through SharePoint automation and process simplification techniques. We took the time and energy to identify, discuss and document the areas of concern before we even installed SharePoint. This is where that investment pays off. Identifying areas of concern before installation gave us an understanding of what hardware and software licensing we needed to begin the implementation, now they take center stage in our implementation. We use these areas and our finding as requirements. These requirements become the roadmap we need to identify the components needed to accomplish our goal of building a world class SharePoint implementation to satisfy your business needs.

Final Thought

Leale Solutions team

We continuously challenge ourselves. SharePoint continuously challenges us too. We regularly find ourselves on the cutting and bleeding edges of this tremendously powerful software platform. Our desire to push the envelope on possibilities that drive value to your businesses bottom line and our genuine love affair with Microsoft SharePoint are key differentiators for Leale Solutions.

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