SharePoint Integrations with Existing Microsoft Technologies

Here at Leale Solutions we strive to help get every dollar of value from your existing investment in Microsoft SharePoint.

We employ tactics and techniques to integrate Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) implementations, custom workflows, JQuery and other rich media plugins for customizations and branding as well as versioning and more. We also author and consume custom coding in the form of Web parts for complex business rules and needs. We are well aware of the challenges SharePoint can provide in limitations. We find ways around through over and under these roadblocks with creative technology solutions. We offer solutions for SharePoint front end development in the following ways:

  • SharePoint forms with InfoPath
  • Corporate Branding
  • SharePoint Integration with Many Platforms and Applications
  • Training and Knowledge Transfer

SharePoint forms with InfoPath

SharePoint Integrations

As a member of the Microsoft Partner Network and genuine big fans of SharePoint we have experimented and developed cutting edge solutions with SharePoint technologies and versions. We strive to integrate form with function seamlessly. We accomplish this through one of our favorite implementations, SharePoint Forms with InfoPath. Microsoft InfoPath is a software application for designing, distributing, displaying and submitting electronic forms containing structured data as defined in SharePoint. InfoPath features a WYSIWYG form designer and editor in which the programming controls (textbox, radio Button, checkbox) are bound to data and represented separately as a tree structure of folders and data properties. WYSIWYG is an acronym for 'What You See Is What You Get'. In software development, a WYSIWYG editor is an application from which content, including text, graphics and tags, are displayed onscreen during editing. The content appears in the editor in a form very close in appearance displayed as a finished web page. We utilize InfoPath to enable rich user interface controls. We often see that these forms become so commonly known amongst business users that they require notification that utilize these forms, just as if they were paper.

Corporate Branding

Through our many implementations of SharePoint, including our own, we understand the importance of corporate branding in SharePoint intranets and content sites. We often receive request to make it not look so 'SharePointish'. While base implementations of SharePoint can look a bit plain, we here at Leale Solutions have extensive experience producing solutions and customizations for look and feel options that bring the rich media experience of the internet to your SharePoint implementation. We offer solutions for extending visual functionality utilizing color schemes, custom master pages, jQuery, java script, rich image sliders, carousels, embedded video, custom web parts and the whole expanse of the .Net library and extensive functionality.

SharePoint Integration with Many Platforms and Applications

As a member of the Microsoft Partner Network and a proponent of Microsoft technologies, we have many years of combined experience integrating SharePoint with numerous platforms and technologies. We are experienced integrating SharePoint with Microsoft technologies such as SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), Team Foundation Server (TFS) and MS Project server. We have also experience integrating 3rd party solutions with SharePoint as well such as Bamboo Solutions, CodePlex Solutions, and

Training and Knowledge Transfer

Your Leale Solutions experience doesn't end with a software solution and a bon voyage. As experienced industry professionals we know that the job isn't complete until knowledge has been shared with all parties. We offer training and knowledge transfer sessions to internal staff and end users to enable seamless transition to in house resources whenever possible. We speed this transition with documentation examples of configurations, installation notes, development notes and more all stored in SharePoint wiki entries or blog posts. We use SharePoint to its fullest capabilities. We take every opportunity to extend this great software platform deeper into solving your business problems, even if they are as simple as knowledge transfer and documentation.

Final Thought

Leale Solutions team

We continuously challenge ourselves. SharePoint continuously challenges us too. We regularly find ourselves on the cutting and bleeding edges of this tremendously powerful software platform. Our desire to push the envelope on possibilities that drive value to your businesses bottom line and our genuine love affair with Microsoft SharePoint are key differentiators for Leale Solutions.

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