By leveraging our combined decades of experience working with the Microsoft SharePoint platform, we have honed our capabilities of stewarding SharePoint migrations.

Our experiencing using and developing SharePoint migration techniques, in concert with our knowledge of SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013 and cloud-hosted features position us uniquely to develop and utilize strategies and tools to stay ahead of the curve with migrations and beyond. We here at Leale Solutions are your experienced Microsoft SharePoint partner for the heart of house operations such as installations, migrations from previous versions, maintenance and patching and permissions and security. Our heart of house service operations includes:
  • Installation
  • Migration from previous version
  • Maintenance and Patching
  • Permissions and Security

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SharePoint on-premise and hybrid installations begin well before we step through the actual SharePoint installation wizard. Each version of SharePoint has twists and turns during the install process. However, every SharePoint installation begins with SharePoint version prerequisites. Ensuring that your server infrastructure is completely up to date on patches and hotfixes is only part of this stage. There are published SharePoint prerequisite software packages and in our experience, unpublished and undocumented prerequisite software packages that MUST be installed prior to installation and configuration of the SharePoint packages for all services and features to work correctly once configured. A good example of this is the Search service in SharePoint 2013. In order to be able to use a SharePoint 2013 search results web part to display image slider configurations, there are a series of update and hotfix installations that need to be completed prior to the SharePoint 2013 installation. Leale Solutions is your trusted partner with the experience that counts to save you valuable time and resources by navigating and avoiding the many pitfalls that exist.
Migration from Previous Version
In some instances, SharePoint is running in a previous version. As we all know, the newest SharePoint versions have the most robust features and allow us to extend the SharePoint further and further into your business environment. We offer SharePoint migration services. With this service, we compile a snapshot of your current environment and design an ideal state of what your new SharePoint environment will contain. The comparison of these two states gives us our roadmap of accomplishments needed to fulfill our commitment. These SharePoint migrations are often performed using applications coding with PowerShell and other scripting tools. We are driven to deliver you the best value. In our experience, especially with complex installations, the most cost-effective solutions were to use 3rd party SharePoint migration tools. We strive to provide cost and resource effective and accurate migration solutions for your business. Accuracy is a key element and we perform rigorous testing of migrations at the application and database levels to ensure all of your precious data is migrated correctly, the first time.
Maintenance and Patching
As a member of the Microsoft Partner network, we aim to ensure the best quality operations for all of your Microsoft SharePoint products and installations. We offer services designed to ensure that your SharePoint installations are maintained and patches. Patches can cover all sorts of issues. From security issues to hotfixes for bugs in common web parts to new features released post product launch. We also offer maintenance services. Our maintenance services include proper SharePoint database backups and indexing operations to ensure database speed, accuracy and health. These services include server, SharePoint and database health checks and resource monitoring and reporting. Each monthly maintenance session is supported by clear and detailed documentation reports of our findings as well as to solutions for any issues or problems we uncover.
Permissions and Security
One of the key features of SharePoint is its security features. This can feel like a complicated web of headaches and an insurmountable problem. Fortunately, we offer security and permissions services as well. We can set up, configure and teach SharePoint administrators the necessary skills and methodology to allow them to manage permissions on lists, document libraries, sites, subsites and more. Our team of dedicated SharePoint professionals has the experience with even the most complicated of security models to build the correct scheme and the communication skills to let you handle the future with ease. We can stay as engaged as you desire for the life of our SharePoint installation and even run it for you if desired.
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Final Thought

We continuously challenge ourselves. SharePoint continuously challenges us too. We regularly find ourselves on the cutting and bleeding edges of this tremendously powerful software platform. Our desire to push the envelope on possibilities that drive value to your businesses bottom line and our genuine love affair with Microsoft SharePoint are key differentiators for Leale Solutions