Digital solutions.

Enterprise solutions utilizing Microsoft technologies with expertise in Mobile Development, Microsoft .NET, Business Intelligence, SQL Server & SharePoint

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What we do


We combine creative and technical expertise to deliver innovative solutions and services

Leale thinks creatively

We think creatively

Leale builds solutions

We build solutions

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We support you

Leale is different

We are different

Here at Leale Solutions we understand the many facets of technology. We embrace technology as an opportunity to build best of breed solutions that increase company productivity, lessen workload through automation and generate new opportunities for your business.

We are passionate about the recruitment, retention and empowerment of the right people. With the right people, there are no problems...only solutions. If you know that you are the right person with a drive to contribute to both your personal growth and that of Leale, we want to learn more about you. Please contact us, and let's start a discussion.

Our approach is woven from the fabrics of creativity, technical skills and old fashioned hard work. This approach has been honed to produce and deliver excellence in technology products and services to serve our clients, their clients and the rest of the world.

We are an industry recognized Microsoft partner and are dedicated professionals willing to go the extra mile in all of our customer engagements.